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Being a divorce attorney in Northern Kentucky for 25 years I am often asked about what is unique and what to expect in a divorce. One rather unique aspect of divorce/dissolution in Northern Kentucky is the relatively small legal community which serves the area. With the size of the legal community, most divorce lawyers have had some experience with most other attorneys and significant experience with many of the local attorneys.

The first question I often ask prospective clients is “Has your spouse hired an attorney?” and, if YES, “Who?” I can often predict how difficult your case may be, what the other attorney may be looking for and even how much the divorce may cost based solely on past experiences with opposing counsel.

Many of the regularly practicing family law attorneys in N.Ky. are part of the Academy of Northern Kentucky Collaborative Professionals, LLC. (ANKCP). These are attorneys who have been trained in collaborative law and concentrate much of their practice to divorce and dissolution.

Collaborative divorce is an offshoot of family/divorce law in which the parties sign a collaborative contract which eliminates courts and contested hearings. The parties employ collaborative professionals which generally starts with attorneys, but often develop into financial specialists and/or family specialists.

If you choose to participate in collaborative process, you should consult with a collaboratively trained attorney. Also read on the ANKCP website for more information and benefits about the collaborative law process. For consultation and information in Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati, call Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 or email mike@bouldinlawfirm.com.

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